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Yamra is a friend of  ever since he was left alone. He is an 11 year old Human.


Yamra was just picking fruits when suddenly, he heard Leptis crying nearby, he walked to him and shorter than in a second, they became friends. Ever since, Yamra and Leptis have been fighting alongside each other.


Yamra has hair similar to Leptis', but Yamra's is more spiky and is a bit more wild. He wears an orange Gi that Leptis gave him with a blue undershirt. He has green hair.


Unlike Leptis, Yamra is shy and is polite. In battle, he likes to taunt his opponent and make them mad.


Yamra is capable of buffing his self up by a lot like Roshi, but Yamra can only maintain this state for 10 minutes. He is also incredibly fast due to his small size.


Kill Driver


Full Power Energy Wave


Buff Buff Technique

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