This article, The Tale of Lord Kuzon, is property of TheGreatKuzon!.

This article, The Tale of Lord Kuzon, is a Role-Play article.

This article, The Tale of Lord Kuzon, is property of TheGreatKuzon!.

The Tale of Lord Kuzon is the tale of Lord Kuzon AKA Kuzon I, the father of my RP character Kuzon, one of the founders of the Lookout Crew, from birth to his death. Please enjoy, and it has very violent parts. Be warned. It is part of the Kuz Origin series.

Chapter 1

Age 726

"Dark. Cold, yet with a strange sense of anonymity. The entire building could collapse right on us at any minute.. the chances of damages being possible. Those vegan bastards.. more faint than purported. I will continue with the other men until we reach the masterroom, at which point we make our daring escape through 'the tunnel', most likely fully armed. No matter; no one has been shot down by one of the vegs just yet, at least not in my squad. I intend to keep it that way."

Tall, slim, built and in black and brown battle armor, dirty ruffled spiked short black hair, not neglecting a tail of course, the Saiyan warrior leads a group of men through a dark, crumbled building in the midst of total warfare both outside and within the walls. On occasion, a division of 'veg' men, Tuffles, will swoop down to defend themselves as the Saiyans cause more chaos.

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