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The Journey of Kuzey is the tale of Kuzon IV's journey to discover his inner self, resulting in disappearing into space for over 3 years until he returned in the wake of the Herulean War. It's in the Kuz Origin series.

2 September 1097 - Kuzynthia's birthday 'party'

Kuzey, his 11-year old son Kuzoh II, and grandma Helena sit at a table covered with presents and cupcakes, as his wife Phoebe walks in carrying a huge red and purple cake. It is his daughter, Kuzynthia's, 10th birthday. Phoebe sits the big ass cake, prepared with 10 ice candles, on the table. Kuzynthia, only a short little thing at this point (but we all wish the best for her), refuses to come in.

"She must be having another one of her rage fits," passively says her mother as she sneaks around the hallways of Kuz Manor, searching for the tiny ninja. There she is, around a corner. "It's your birthday. I'z guts caeks. (content)" says Phoebe as she picks her up, but she slips right out of her grip. Kuzynthia casually walks away down the hall, as she hates birthday parties, especially cake, and especially her worst enemy--pink icing.

Kuzey stands from his seat and goes to get her and see what is wrong. He and his daughter are close somewhat. He has trained her much and taught her things, unlike his son Kuzoh, who is reluctant to learn fighting and prefers peaceful nature. He peeks in her room to see her lying in bed drawing huge bloody dragons destroying villages and scorching innocent people screaming with the pain of a thousand suns, a common thing for her.

"What is wrong? Do you have something against us? What did we do?" asks Kuzey, holding her shoulders on her bedside. She nods her head no, as she is a quiet scout. "Then what is it? Speak child".

She holds up a piece of paper saying "Birthday parties = no".

"Ah I see. I used to be like that..well I am still like that. I suppose I should've taught you to be better than me...I have my flaws..but, I never bothered trying to fix be more like grandpa..." says Kuzey, as he begins getting emotional. "I suppose...I should." Kuzey stands and walks out of the room, closing the door.

Later that day, Kuzey sits on a large rock cliff by a pond in the outskirts of the Kuz Valley. Old fishing poles sit nearby from the old days. Like normal, he sits and looks at the reflection of the clouds in the water, thinking about everything. Everything around him.