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Lookout I

Lookout I was the first series within the Lookout RP Universe. It began the day the wiki (then-Supreme Dragon Ball Wiki) was founded, on 8 May 2012, and ended with the conclusion of the Great Universal Revolution arc, on 30 December 2015. It was by far the most diverse, expansive, and explosive RP era, containing hundreds of user-created sagas, arcs, lore, history, and much more that truly crafted the Lookout universe. An entire community's role-playing skills (and age) evolved along with it.  

Lookout I lasted 3 years and 7 months in real life and 85 years in RP (Age 1040 to 1125) and was succeeded by Lookout II after a 375-year timeskip to Age 1500 (due to the power scale getting too unbalanced, lack of interest, and every character being a massively OP multiverse-buster). 


Beginning 250 years after the conclusion of Dragon Ball GT, in Age 1040, L1 was dominated by the Lookout Crew, an ever-changing set of warriors that developed into the most powerful beings to all of existence. Hundreds of warriors made up the crew through its 85 year existence and helped to define the way fighting is done, energy is manipulated, and define their legacy that would last hundreds of years.

Its list of arcs can be found here. TBA